How to remove eyelash extensions at home? Best 7 Ways to remove lash

It is of no question that the glamour industry is growing by leaps and bounds. New products and techniques are added to the industry every day.

Eyelash extensions are no doubt a classic addition to the glamor industry. They add to the natural beauty by extending the length of natural eyelashes. If you have got your eyelashes extended and they have started to fall off, you can feel yourself in trouble. You may not be finding time to go to the salon and spend a lot of money and time again to get the extensions removed. The most frequent question that will arise in your mind now will be how to remove lashes extensions at home.

You can use several ways to remove eyelash extensions at home. These ways include using coconut or olive oil, using vaseline, taking a hot shower, using mascara, using an oil-based cleanser, and using a lash glue dissolver.

Can eyelash extensions be removed at home?

Eyelash extensions are applied by professionals with chemical adhesives. This is why it is highly recommended that you get your lashes extensions removed by a professional. However, if you can not wait for your visit to the salon or have any kind of emergency regarding removing them, you can give it a try at home. But keep in mind that this will require a lot of care and patience.

7 Ways to Remove Eyelash Extensions Safely

Removing lashes safely at home is not a piece of cake. You can opt for any of these seven ways to accelerate the procedure and get rid of them as soon  as possible.

  1. VASELINE: Remove Eyelash Extension

Vaseline is a safe and pure product and can be found in every home. This common household product can be used for removing lash extensions. Follow the following procedure:

  1. Remove every kind of makeup using a cotton pad and a makeup remover. Be gentle.
  2. Prepare a pot of steam. For this, fill a pot with water. Cover the pot and let it boil for about 10 minutes.
  3. Take steam from the pot for about 10 minutes. This will lose the extensions and will help in removing them.
  4. Next, take a clean cotton pad.
  5. Apply a generous amount of vaseline on your eyelashes and start to remove them gently with the clean cotton pad. You can repeat this step as needed.
  6. Remove the vaseline and clean your face.
  7.  Apply a gentle moisturiser.

Whenever someone gets a lash extension treatment, professionals advise them to stay away from hot water and steam. This is because these two things start to lose the extension gum. You can exploit this to remove your false lashes.

You have to be patient while using this technique, as all the lashes won’t come out in just one hot shower. While using this technique, keep in mind not to rub or pull your eyelashes. Pulling or rubbing the lashes can cause eye irritation. It also increases the chances of eye infections.


Both olive oil and coconut oil are beneficial for the skin. They keep the skin moisturised and nourished. You can use any of these oils to remove your false lash extensions. Follow the following procedure:

  1. Remove all the makeup from your skin.
  2. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and dry your face.
  3. Boil some water in a closed pan.
  4. Cover your head with a towel or thick cotton sheet and get some steam for at least ten to fifteen minutes.
  5. Now take a clean cotton pad and apply some coconut/ olive oil to it.
  6. Apply this cotton pad to your eyelashes gently.
  7. Repeat the procedure if needed.
  8. Wash your face and apply a gentle moisturizer after drying.

Mascaras are a common makeup product that is used almost by every girl. Wearing mascara adds to the beauty of your eyes and provides a finishing look to your makeup.

Oils and waxes are an important ingredient of the majority of the mascaras available in the market. People with extended lashes are advised not to use mascaras. But you can apply mascara as often as you want when you want to remove your fake lashes.

Wearing an oil-based mascara regularly weakens the extension gum and helps to remove the extensions fastly. It also helps to blend the lashes and makes them weaker. Use mascara in your makeup looks and remove it using an oil-based makeup remover.


A variety of cleansers come on the market. Cleansers can be broadly classified into water-based cleansers and oil-based cleansers. A water-based cleanser can be a good choice for those having oily skin. However, if you want to remove your extensions, an oil-based cleanser can be the best choice.

This is a time taking process as applying the cleanser only once will not remove all your extensions. Start using an oil-based cleanser on a regular basis. Don’t forget to be gentle with your eyes and face.


This can be the most preferred method to remove eyelash extensions professionally. The use of this method requires skill, proper types of equipment, and patience. For using this method, you will need the following things:

  • Eyelash extension glue dissolver
  • Cotton pads
  •  Microswab
  • Under-eye gel pads
  • Tweezers
  • Timer


  1. Wash the face with a gentle oil-based cleanser and pat dry.
  2. Cover the under-eye with an under-eye gel pap.
  3. Put some eyelash extension glue dissolver on a plate.
  4. Using a micro swab, apply a generous amount of the eyelash extension glue dissolver on the eyelashes carefully.
  5. Set the timer for three minutes and wait for three minutes.
  6. Keep the tweezers and cotton pads ready.
  7. Using the tweezers and cotton pads, gently remove the false extensions.
  8. Soak the cotton pad in water and clean the eyes and eyelashes carefully.
  9. Remove any unwanted particles from the eye area.
  10. Brush the lashes with an eyelash brush.
  11. Apply a gentle moisturizer to the eyes.

Makeup removers are an essential part of the skincare routine. They help to wipe away all the makeup easily without causing any harm to the skin.

Experts will recommend not to use an oil-based makeup remover if you have false lashes to last them longer. However, you can use it if you are looking forward to removing them. Choose a gentle oil-based makeup remover and always use cotton pads for removing makeup. Carrying out this routine will make your extension weaker and help to get rid of them soon.


Aftercare Routine for Eyelashes

After you have removed your eyelash extensions, it is extremely important to nourish your lashes and take care of them. Always clean your face with a gentle cleanser before bed. Apply a growth serum to your eyelashes every night before going to bed. This will recover your natural eyelashes, prevent dryness, and will help to elongate your eyelashes naturally. 


The eyelash extension treatment has its pros and cons. It is an expensive procedure and requires many hours for treatment. The major con of eyelash extensions is that they are also not fully permanent; they start to fall off after some time. It is always advised to consult a professional for lash removal. The best thing you could do is to nourish your natural eyelashes with serum. Continued use of serum keeps the skin smooth as well as elongates the lashes naturally.

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