Types of Eyelash Tweezers

You may be aware of the perfect eyelashes for your eyes, but are you aware of the perfect eyelash tweezers? Do you know how important an eyelash tweezer is when it comes to applying eyelashes perfectly? If not, then it is high time that you should know about eyelash tweezers.

There are several eyelash tweezers available in different sizes, shapes, and materials. Which one suits you depends upon what type of lash you use, and if you are in the eyelash extension business, then it highly relies on the procedure you are using. Applying an eyelash is also an art, and for that art to be executed perfectly, you need eyelash tweezers.

If you intend to start an eyelash extension business, then, of course, client satisfaction is the priority. For that, you need to use the perfect eyelash tweezers when performing any type of procedure.

Types of Eyelash Tweezers

Eyelash tweezers are divided into to following types based on:

  1. Based On their Shapes

L-Shape Tweezers: These type of tweezers are deemed the best ones for handmade volume lash fans. You can easily pick those extensions up and attach them to the lash band.

Round Shape Tweezers: These type of tweezers are not for a lash extension. Instead, these are for removing any type of tapes, band, or pads used during the procedure.

A-Shape Tweezers: Due to their firm grip, these tweezers are suitable for applying the classic lash extensions.

I-Shape Tweezers: These are the traditional pointed end tweezers that are not only used for eyelash extension but also for plucking eyebrows. These can be used for applying those isolated single lash extensions as they can easily reach spaces due to their pointed ends.

F-Shape Tweezers: F-shape may be a little different in their design, but again these are just like the I-shape ones. You can also use this one for isolating and attaching the lashes.

  1. Based On the Material Used for Construction

Well, you can also choose your eyelash tweezers based on the material used for construction too. Eyelash tweezers are mostly made up of two types of material:

Stainless Steel: The most common type of tweezers used is the stainless-steel ones and they are comparatively less expensive. Strong and rust-free material makes it long-lasting, but of course, if you don’t look after them, then there are high chances of rusting.  Aside from that, some people may get an allergic reaction to stainless steel material.

Titanium: Now, this one is a bit more premium and lightweight. However, the best part is that this one has rust-free properties that make it even longer lasting. If you are an owner of an eyelash extension business, then go for the titanium ones as they are firmer, and for professional use. Aside from that, unlike stainless steel ones, these do not have any kind of allergic properties due to which anyone can easily use them. Thus, these are the most recommended ones.

  1. Based On the Procedure 

Now what type of tweezers you should use also depends upon the procedure that you are applying to get the work done:

Classic Extension: If you are doing a classic extension procedure, meaning applying one strand at a time, then the pointed tweezers are the best one to work with. Their pointed ends help you firmly grip the strands one by one.

Premade Extension: If you are applying for handmade lash extension, then the S-shaped eyelash tweezers are the best to go for as they reduce the application time.

Russian Extension: If you are going for those voluminous handmade lash extensions, then the L-shape tweezers can do the job for you.


So which eyelash tweezers suit you? It is the one that you can easily work with and suits you and your needs. Choosing the best eyelash tweezers is the first step if you want to be the best in your eyelash game. We hope that this guide was helpful for you and you were able to find the best eyelash tweezer for yourself.