How to Use the Flat Lashes for the Lash Extension?

If you are thinking of getting your lashes done, then you should also do some research about different kind of extensions. Eyelash extensions are quite a trend today since everyone wants voluminous and long lashes.  There are a lot of types of extensions and ways to attach them to your lash bands.

There is one particular thing that we are going to talk about here. That is the flat lashes. Flat lashes, also called cashmere or ellipse lashes, are quite a different type from regular ones. The main difference Is the base, and we can also say these are quite long-lasting.

So, if you are thinking of getting a flat lash extension, then here are some things that you should know about flat lashes:

What is a Flat Lash?

A flat lash is the type of lash extension that has a flat ellipse-like base. Ellipse means oval-shaped. As we mentioned before, these lashes are also called the ellipse lashes, and due to their better and broad base, these attach perfectly to the lash band.

Aside from that, these lashes are also lighter, and due to this, there is less or no damage to lashes. Flat lashes can also be used alone, or if you want, you can get them done alongside the others to increase the volume of the lashes.

Difference Between the Flat Lash and the Regular Lash

Now heres a big question occurs: what is the difference between flat or regular lashes?

Normal Lashes: Normal lashes have a more rounded base and are quite round in shape. Due to their rounded base, eyelashes do not get a real broad base, and due to that less bonding with the lashes. Aside from that, the normal lashes are quite heavy and may damage your eyelashes.

Flat lashes: Now, talking about the flat lashes, these lashes are flat based with an elliptical shape that gives them a form and broad base. Due to the broader base, the lashes get a lot of space for bonding. Aside from that, these types of lashes are lightweight and easily get along with the lashes. Lastly, these lashes have a longer retention time due to their broad space, and hence they last for a longer time.

Benefits of Using the Flat Lash

There are several benefits of using flat lashes:

  • They adhere better to your natural lashes and stay for long.
  • They have a longer retention time, so no need to get them done frequently.
  • You can either use them along with the other to build volume.
  • You can create both simpler and dramatic looks with these.
  • There are lightweight and comfortable of your eyes.
  • You do not need heaps of glue to attach them.

How to Use the Flat Lash for an Extension?

Using the flat lash extensions is not like the other ones. There is a specific technique to apply these. Unlike regular lashes, these lashes cannot be attached to the sides of the lashes. Instead, you need to apply these to the lashes either above or at the base or below the natural lashes.

Aside from that, these lashes do not need a lot of glue. You can get away with using minimal glue, and this way will stay just like that for a longer time.  Aside from that, flat lashes are intended to be used together with the other lashes to enhance volume. It is better not to use them alone as these might give a plastic look.


Flat lashes can be a good addition to your extensions as they can give you a voluminous and natural look. These come in different lengths types. Choose the best one for you and get those beautiful voluminous lashes.