Russian EyeLashes: Everything you needed to know before buying

Russian lashes are ultra-fine synthetic lashes that are made from the same soft fibre as classic lashes. 

It is the dream of every woman in the world to look beautiful and bewitching. The goal of achieving slaying looks is made accessible to catch with the expanding glamour industry. The fashion industry is now focusing more on enhancing natural beauty rather than creating heavy makeup looks. Makeup professionals now are creating natural beauty enhanced looks. 

The application of eyelash extensions is a new trend in the fashion industry. Eyelash extensions are becoming popular due to their alluring look as they add to natural beauty without being noticed. An advanced addition to the eyelash extension domain is the launch of Russian-style eyelashes in the market worldwide. These eyelashes extensions are becoming trending due to the incomparable look they give to the eyes after being applied. There is also a wide variety to choose from.

Here is everything you need to know about Russian false lashes.

What Are Russian Volume Lashes?

Russian eyelashes or Russian volume lashes are synthetic lashes that are delicate, made up of soft synthetic fibers. These eyelashes are fragile. The fragility of these false eyelash extensions allows more than one eyelash extension to a natural eyelash. While applying them, a fan-like order is maintained. This fan-like finishing is the reason why Russian eyelashes are becoming so famous. They increase the volume of natural eyelashes by providing a 3-dimensional look. The most popular techniques for creating a fan look are the Pinching method, the Glue dot method, and the On strip method.

Russian eyelash extensions are available in a variety of volumes and types. For instance, some of the volumes available in the market are 3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D volumes. There are also different kinds of curls in the eyelashes i.e B, C, D, DD, and J curls.

Benefits of Russian Eyelashes

If you are someone thinking of getting these lashes on, here are the benefits you will get:

  • You will get a three-dimensional look at your eyelashes.
  • The finish of these eyelashes is soft and feathery.
  • They are very lightweight.
  • The lightweight property brings ease to the customers.
  • They provide total volume to the natural eyelashes. The clients who are having short and thin natural eyelashes get the most significant benefit from these eyelashes.

What are these made from?

Synthetic Mink is used for making Russian eyelashes. That is why they are very lightweight. We can use both natural and synthetic Mink to make eyelashes. However, the Russian eyelashes are made from synthetic Mink, which gives them a fluffier look. Some people like to go for hand-made eyelashes. You should know the basics of Russian Eyelashes and never forget to read the product description before buying. Knowing the classes and their characteristics will help the buyer chose the type more wisely. 

How Long Do these False Eyelashes Last?

The extent of any synthetic treatment largely depends upon how well it is cared for. When properly cared for, these eyelashes can last between 4-6 weeks. The experts recommended seeing a professional after 2-3 weeks of eyelash extension treatment to avoid any unwanted look between these weeks. A routine check-up will keep the eyelashes uniform and tidy.

Russian Lashes Vs Classic Lashes

The classic eyelashes are applied by putting a single false eyelash extension to a single natural eyelash. The classic eyelashes extend your natural eyelashes and give them a thicker look without providing a 3-dimensional look. Traditional eyelashes can be the best choice if you want a mascara look on your eye. 

Conversely, Russian eyelashes provide a 3-dimensional look. Four to five fine synthetic lashes are added to the natural eyelash. Russian eyelashes provide curl, fullness, and length to the eye. However, we should never ignore the fact that the length of natural eyelashes will determine the length of extended eyelashes.

Russian Eyelashes Vs Hybrid Eyelashes

Some customers have unique demands. Hybrid eyelashes can be the best choice for the ones who want a two-in-one. Hybrid eyelashes are a blend of classical eyelashes and Russian eyelashes.

What is the care for these eyelash extensions?

It would be best if you adopt a proper care routine after you get your eyelash extended. It is because they are false and synthetic, and you need to put extra effort to look after them as you cannot handle them like your natural eyelashes.

Here are some top care tips that you need to follow strictly:

  • Do not wet your eyelashes within 24 hours after the eyelash extension treatment.
  • Do not rub your eyes forcefully.
  • Do not use any chlorinated water or steam within 24 hours after the application of Russian eyelashes.
  • You can wet your face and eyelashes after 24 hours of treatment.
  • Never use an oil-based face wash or cleanser for washing your face.
  • Never use an oil-based makeup remover for removing makeup when you have your eyelash extensions on.
  • Oil, steam, and hot water are the enemies of false eyelash extensions. They make the eyelashes glue weaker. Weaker eyelash extensions will fall away sooner before their regular time.
  • Do not pluck or tease your eyelashes.
  • It is best not to wear any waterproof mascara. You will probably not find a need to apply mascara after your eyelash extensions treatment.
  • Avoid washing your face with hot water.
  • Be gentle with your eyes and skin.

Can we wear a Mascara?

The answer is a Yes! You can wear mascara if you want. You would probably not like to wear mascara because your eyelashes would be beautiful naturally then. Avoid using waterproof mascara. Water-proof mascara will be oil-based. Oil-based products will weaken your eyelashes glue. This is what you will not want.


It is easy to get treatment but challenging to maintain. Proper care will ensure a long-lasting treatment. Here are some tips to keep your lash extensions on for a longer period:

  • Always use oil-free makeup products and makeup removers.
  • Stay away from steam.
  • Stay away from hot water.
  • Brush your eyelashes at least once a day.

How to remove Russian Lashes?

False eyelash extensions are attached using chemical glue. It also requires a proper technique to remove them. That is why it is highly recommended that you always get your lash extensions removed by a professional. Any mistakes in removing the eyelashes can result in damage to the eyes and natural eyelashes. However, if it is urgent to remove the lashes, here is the method you can adopt to remove the lash extensions at home:

  • Clean your face with a gentle oil-based cleanser.
  • Dry your face thoroughly.
  • Prepare some steam in a pot.
  • Allow your face to take moisture for about ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Wipe your face.
  • Take a cotton pad. Put some olive oil or coconut oil on it.
  • Gently start wiping your eyes with the help of this cotton pad.
  • Continue the process until the lashes begin to fall off.
  • Clean your face with another cotton pad.
  • Rinse to remove any residue.
  • Moisturize with a gentle cleanser.


Russian eyelash extension treatment is a technique that originated in Russia and has become popular worldwide. This technique has gained extraordinary popularity among people who have shorter and thinner eyelashes. It is no doubt a time taking and expensive treatment. Anyone can get this lash extension treatment. The maintenance of treatment requires the use of unique oil-free products. The use of proper skincare products and following an extension treatment-friendly skincare routine can help maintain the treatment stay longer.