Classic vs Volume Lashes: What’s the Difference?

Are you fed up with your almost no lashes? Looking for some long, wispy, and voluminous lashes? If so, then it is time you get to a lash salon and get the lashes done. But before going to a salon, do determine what style you are going to go for a voluminous look or natural look.

So, what is the main difference between these two styles? Actually, there is a bit of difference based on the lash strands.

The classic style is a natural-looking, lightweight style. These are not like an over-the-top dramatic style. Whereas on the other hand, the volume lashes are different because they are more on the dramatic side. These are voluminous, heavy, and give your eyes a really bold look.

If you want to know more about the difference between these styles, we have this full guide for you to get started with your eyelash journey. SO, what are volume and classic lashes? And which suits you. Read ger to find out:

Things You Should Know About the Classic Lashes

Well, if you are a beginner and someone who is getting his lash extension the first time. Then you should better go for the classic lashes. Classic lashes are the best style for those who are starting and are not sure if the lashes will look good or not on her.

How it works: Basically, how these lashes work is by attaching one strand with each natural strand. Each synthetic lash is attached to one of your natural strands with a medical adhesive. These lashes can be worn daily, and you do not need to wear those false strips.   The classic style enhances the natural lashes volume and style at the are time giving you a very natural look. The classic lashes are delayed for those who like to keep it natural.

This style is also good for those who already have good volume but are looking to add more length and make their lashes wispy.

Things You Should Know About the Volume Lashes

For those who like to be a little bit extra, then the volume lashes are a good choice to go for. Volume lashes are even more dramatic and wispy. This type of style does show itself, and people will know that you are wearing lashes.

These lashes are made of handmade 2-6 eyelash extensions. Due to more fans, these look fluffier and softer looks at the ends.

How it works: To attach these lashes, all you need to do is take handmade strands with the help of a tweezer and attach them to the base of the natural lash. Moreover, if two lashes are added to one natural lash, then this is termed the 2D effect. Whereas if three lashes are attached to the natural lashes, then it is called the 3D effect.

Another thing about these lashes is that they have a longer retention time. You can go with lashes for a long time without any follow-ups. Aside from that, if you are someone who uses fake lashes now and then. Then these lashes could be a good choice for you. You can get the lashes done one time, and you will be free from applying falsies every day.

Final Word

Getting lash extensions is not wrong; everyone likes to look beautiful. But getting the right lash extension is the most important thing. If someone looks good with the volume lash extension, that doesn't mean that it will suit you too. So, it is better to first go slow and upgrade to more dramatic looks.