How to Choose Eyelash Extension Glue? | LashSociety

Stepping into the lash extension world, you might feel quite overwhelmed by the new things that you might not know about. One thing included is the eyelash glue. Yep, the eyelash extension glue is another thing that is important when you want to upgrade your eyelash game.

Choosing the best eyelash extension glue is important as different factors may affect the way your glue works. It could be your environment, your fake lashes, and also how sensitive you are to different chemicals that are used in the eyelashes glue.

If you are an eyelash extension business owner, of course, you need to know about all the factors that are important when it comes to buying eyelash glue. Aside from that, you also need to be careful about your client's needs as, of course, their comfort is your priority.

So here are some factors that you need to take into account when choosing the best eyelash extension glue:

1. Temperature and Humidity of Surroundings

Before buying an eyelash extension glue, one thing that Is important to consider Is your surrounding temperature. Is it way too hot? Is the weather way too dry?  Is it humid? These things are important. The thing is that eyelash glues contain a chemical called Cyanoacrylate. This chemical is activated by the humidity, and due to this chemical, the eyelash glue adheres perfectly to the lash bands.

If your work environment or your client is going somewhere where it is dry, then the glue will take a lot of time to dry. Aside from that, it may not adhere perfectly and if your humidity level is way too much, then there is a high chance that your glue dries out fast.

2. Type of Lash

Types of eyelashes also matter quite a lot. If you are using voluminous lashes, then you need something that dries faster. You will need something that has a special kind of formula that dries faster, and also, you need to be quite fast applying it. Because the longer the glue will take to dry, the more the volume of lashes is going to be compromised.

3. Odor Sensitive

You or your clients may be sensitive to the odor of the chemicals used in the eyelash glues. Some glues smell so strong that some may not be able to withstand it, especially the ones with sensitive noses. So that’s why always be aware of the odor and ask your clients about their sensitivity.

4. Chemical Sensitivity

You always should have sensitive glue in storage.  Keep ones that are for sensitive eyes that cannot withstand the chemicals. There are some special glues available that are for allergic eyes. Always test the glue first, whether it is on you or your clients because you might come across a client that may be sensitive to these chemicals. Aside from that, these types of glues have a shorter retention time, are slow to dry, and may not work with thick volume lashes. Always inform your client about these conditions so as not to experience any problems later.

5. Application Time

Lastly, before buying a perfect lash glue, first, determine howquick you are with doing tasks. Because how fast you can apply and adjust the lash to the right angle also determines which glue to go for. If you are a beginner and not able to apply it right for the first time, pick a glue that gives you the flexibility to adjust the lash. But if you are an expert then, of course, you can choose something that dries fast.


So before buying the lash glue, keep in mind the afore-mentioned factors. Because if you are mindful of these factors, then the buying process for eyelash extension glue will become even easier than it seems.