How Much Does a Lash Tech Make in the UK

H1: How Much Does a Lash Tech Make in the UK?

Earnings, Steps, and Kit Essentials.  As a lash tech in the UK, your income can vary depending on factors like location, experience, and demand. Discover how much lash technicians typically earn and the factors that influence their income. Additionally, learn about the steps to become a lash technician in the UK, including education, certification, supplies, marketing, and insurance. Lastly, explore essential items for a lash technician's kit.

Factors Influencing Earnings

  • Location, experience, and demand impact income levels.
  • On average, lash technicians in the UK earn £20 to £80 per hour.
  • Level of expertise and offered services affect income potential.
  • Reputation and unique, high-quality services can command premium prices.

Working in a Salon or Spa vs. Running Your Own Business

  • Salon or spa settings may offer commission-based pay structures.
  • Self-employment provides control over pricing and revenue.
  • Running your own business requires skills and a marketing strategy.

Fluctuations in Earnings

  • Seasonal variations and event demand affect lash tech earnings.
  • Summer months and special occasions can result in higher earnings.

H2: Steps to Become a Lash Technician in the UK

  1. Education

Enroll in a training course (beauty school or online) to learn proper techniques.

  1. Certification

Completion of a training course often leads to certification, enhancing attractiveness to clients.

  1. Supplies

Purchase essential supplies like eyelash extensions, glue, primer, and tools.

  1. Practice

Gain confidence by practicing techniques on friends and family until you feel confident in your abilities.

  1. Build a Portfolio

Assemble a portfolio showcasing your work to potential clients.

  1. Marketing

Promote services through social media, word-of-mouth, and local advertising.

Create a website for easy client access to information and bookings.

  1. Insurance

Consider obtaining insurance to protect yourself and your business.

Regulations and Local Laws

Familiarise yourself with regional regulations surrounding eyelash extensions.

H2: Essential Items for Your Lash Technician Kit

  1. Lash Extensions

Stock a variety of lengths, thicknesses, and curls for client customisation.

  1. Adhesive

Choose high-quality, medical-grade adhesive specifically designed for lash extensions.

  1. Tweezers

Straight and curved tweezers for precise application and manipulation.

  1. Isolation Tool

Use this tool to separate natural lashes and prevent sticking during application.

  1. Lash Brush

Gently comb and separate lashes for even distribution and natural appearance.

  1. Under-eye Pads

Protect lower lashes and catch any falling adhesive or extensions.

  1. Primer

Clean and prepare natural lashes before extension application.

  1. Remover

Safely and effectively remove extensions during refills or removal.

  1. Gel Pads

Provide client comfort and protect lower lashes during application.

  1. Microbrushes

Apply adhesive, primer, and other products during the application process.

  1. Scissors

Trim extensions to desired length and tidy up stray lashes and adhesive.

  1. Gel Eye Pads

Offer extra comfort and secure lower lashes during application.

  1. Ring Light

Provide bright, even lighting for better visibility during the application process.

  1. Mirror

Show clients the finished result and ensure symmetrical and even lashes.

  1. Tape

Secure under-eye pads and hold lower lashes in place during application.

  1. Pencils or Markers

Use pencils or markers to mark the natural lash line for precise application.

  1. Lash Cleanser

Use a lash cleanser to clean the lashes before application and ensure a strong bond between the natural lashes and extensions.

  1. Lash Tape

Use lash tape to secure the client's bottom lashes and keep them in place during the application process.

  1. Lint-Free Wipes

These wipes are essential for removing any residue or excess adhesive during the application.

  1. Nano Mister

A nano mister helps to speed up the adhesive curing process and ensures a longer-lasting bond.

  1. Eyelash Extension Trays

Stock up on a variety of pre-made lash extension trays, available in different styles, lengths, and curls.

  1. Eyelash Extension Adhesive Remover

In addition to lash extension remover, keep an adhesive remover specifically designed to dissolve and remove stubborn adhesive residues.

  1. Eye Gel Patches

Eye gel patches provide hydration and comfort to the client during the application process while protecting the lower lashes.

Achieving Financial Success as a Lash Tech

It's not unrealistic to achieve financial success as a lash tech in the UK. With proper training and dedication, you can potentially earn £30,000 in your first year, starting from a 2-day course. That's an average of £575 per week, considering 10.5 clients and 22 hours of work, assuming you charge £55 per set. The flexibility of choosing your own hours and working from home adds to the appeal of this career. Additionally, the cost of materials can be as low as £2-5 per set, making it a cost-effective business opportunity.


Becoming a lash technician in the UK can be a rewarding career choice, with the potential to earn a substantial income. By following the steps of education, certification, acquiring supplies, practicing your techniques, building a portfolio, and marketing your services, you can establish a successful lash extension business. Additionally, staying updated with regulations and laws regarding eyelash extensions in your area is crucial.

To ensure the best experience for your clients, create a well-stocked lash technician kit that includes essential items like lash extensions, adhesive, tweezers, isolation tools, lash brushes, under-eye pads, primer, remover, gel pads, micro brushes, scissors, gel eye pads, a ring light, a mirror, tape, pencils or markers, lash cleanser, lash tape, lint-free wipes, a nano mister, eyelash extension trays, eyelash extension adhesive remover, and eye gel patches. Organising your kit and maintaining a clean workspace will help you provide high-quality services and enhance your efficiency.

With dedication, continuous improvement, and excellent customer service, you can thrive as a lash technician in the UK, enjoying the freedom to set your own hours, work from home, and potentially earn a significant income.