Which Eyelash Glue is Right for me?

H1: Which Eyelash Glue is Right for Me?

At Lash Society, we understand the importance of choosing the right eyelash adhesive for your needs. Let's explore our two options and help you make the best decision.

H2: Hold Up Glue - Perfect for Beginners

  • Recommended for lash artists starting out, Hold Up Glue is ideal for beginners.
  • Comes in a 5g bottle with a dry time of 2 seconds and a retention time of 5+ weeks.
  • The 2-second dry time allows for precise placement and adjustment of lash extensions, ensuring a neat set.
  • Glue with a dry time of more than 3 seconds can slow you down and lead to messy sets and poor isolation.
  • Our glues are low fume, low irritation, latex-free, and vegan-friendly.
  • Suitable for classic lash application and beginner-friendly Russian volume lashes.
  • Works well in the British climate with an ideal room temperature of 18-25 degrees Celsius and humidity range of 40-70%.
  • We extensively tested different manufacturers and found that Hold Up performs consistently in varying temperature and humidity conditions.

Proper Glue Etiquette and Aftercare:

  • Open a glue bottle within 3 months of purchase and use it within 4-6 weeks once opened.
  • Replace the glue when the texture becomes stringy and gloopy.
  • Shake the bottle before each use and pour drops vertically.
  • Clean the nozzle before reapplying the lid to prevent clogging.
  • Store the glue in a cool, dry location, preferably in a sealed glue box.
  • Following proper aftercare will ensure long-lasting lashes.
  • Keep both an opened and unopened glue bottle in your lash kit to avoid running out.

Tips for Using Glue:

  • Drop the glue onto a cold surface, such as a jade stone, to prevent premature curing.
  • Replace the glue drop every 10-20 minutes or when it becomes gloopy.
  • Avoid letting glue drops touch each other for best results.
  • In humid and warm rooms, replace the glue drop more frequently.

H2: Power Glue - Fast Drying for Experienced Artists

  • Power Glue is designed for experienced lash artists seeking a faster drying adhesive.
  • Available in sample size to test before purchasing the full-size bottle.
  • Quick-drying formula with a precise dry time of 0.5 seconds.
  • Moving to Power Glue too early may result in poor retention and increased lash fall-out.
  • Perfect for UK-based lash technicians with consistent performance in different humidity and temperature conditions.
  • Impressive retention and enables you to work at a faster pace.
  • Power Glue is offered in both sample and full sizes, providing flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

When to Transition to Power Glue:

  • If you find yourself slowed down by your current glue's dry time, it's time to upgrade to Power Glue.
  • Retention remains effective while allowing you to work faster and optimise your time as a lash artist.

At Lash Society, we believe in simplifying the adhesive selection process. Currently, we offer two types: Hold Up for beginners and Power for experienced artists. Our glues are formulated to work effectively in the UK climate, ensuring reliable performance.