The Rise of Premade Fans

One of the latest products to take over the lash industry is premade fans. Initially these were hit back with resistance, with lash technicians suggesting it’s cheating. But other the past year there has been more and more converting.  What makes premade fans so appealing?

For starters you don’t need a Russian certificate to perform these, they are also faster to learn, faster to complete a set with and have that perfectly manicured look. They cone in different densities, thickness, curl and even base length before the fan spreads out.

So what is a premade fan? A premade fan is a Russian eyelash extension that has already been fanned to a desired look and bonded to hold its position. You can choose the length of the stem, for example long or short stem, at Lash Society we currently offer long stem as we find them easier to isolate, create a neat lash line and are a little harder to find amongst competitors.

We found that these are increasingly popular upon newer lash artists who haven’t yet mastered the Russian art, therefore we thought by releasing the long stem lashes would help with creating beautiful premade sets.

In the future we will be bringing our short stem loose promades, which will be more suitable for experienced lash artists due to the fiddliness a wide short stem fan may cause when isolating, so stay tuned!

What the difference is between premade and promade fans?

We are going to let you in on a little industry secret here… there is no difference! When premades first launched, they were hit with huge backlash from the lash industry trying to preserve its trade, so in a bid to improve the name, some clever companies started advertising these as promade, suggesting these were made by hand.

Premades are machine made, which is what gives them their perfect look, all the same length and width, precision that a person cannot do by hand. For a promade fan to be made by hand, they would be less perfect and would be need to be double dipped by the time they would be attached to a clients eyelash, not to mention the cost of a lash artist sitting there manually creating and glueing fans, to place perfectly into a lash tray.

This just isn’t realistic. Either way, it’s a genius marketing tool. In general nowadays, companies tend to call premades fans that are attached in lines to trays and promades as those that are available loose, but other than how they are presented, there is no difference!

But if premade fans are so good, why don’t all eyelash technicians use them? There’s one simple answer to this, and it’s COST! A Russian lash set with handmade fans normally costs around £2-3 whereas a Russian lash set with premades fans can cost as much as £12. There’s nothing stopping you from using both pre and handmade fans in a set to help with cost and time, in fact we’d recommend it.

Premade fans overview

 If you are new to the Russian lash technique, we got you. It’s a frustrating time , learning to fan and very time consuming, by using premade fans to fill out a set in a shorter amount of time can help keep everyone happy! Overtime as you improve, you can reduce the amount of pre/promades you use in a set and increase your handmade fans, as you improve the cost per set will decrease, which is more profit for your business!

  1. D curl - What do the labels on the side of the box mean? Eyelash extensions are sold by the curl shape, J curl, B curl, C curl, D curl, DD curl and L curl are the most common however other are available. J curl being the least curly, DD the most curly and L curl is straight followed by a steep curl, suitable for hooded eyes. At Lash Society we recommend C,D,DD curl and in premades we offer D and DD curl, with D curl being our most popular.
  1. Long stem - The stem length refers to the amount of space you have to attach the extension to, our premades are long stem, so they have a long base before they start to fan out, giving a larger space to attach and also makes it easier to isolate as the fans tend not to be as wide.
  1. 10D- At Lash Society, at the time this article was written we offer 4D, 6D, 8D and 10D in premade lashes. This number refers to the density of lashes per fan. For example, 4D means the premade fan consists of 4 individual eyelashes to create that fan. 10D, consists of 10 eyelashes, which means this particular fan would be heavier due to the amount of lashes, this is where we bring in thicknesses.
  1. 07mm- Lash thickness can be very confusing, something that I was never taught in my original class was that the thinner the lash thickness, the thicker the set…. BUT HOW! So, as a general rule 0.15mm, 0.20mm are used for classic sets and 0.03mm, 0.05mm and 0.07mm are used for Russians. These sizes are based loosely around the millimetre. A normal fan made with 0.07mm lashes will normally buy around 4-6D, however a 10D fan is more likely to be 0.03 or 0.05mm, a thickness which can support more lashes that weight less. Therefore using 0.03mm in Russian sets which can support a lot more lashes per fan, will make for a fuller, darker looking set.
  1. 12mm- Finally we have the length of the lash, normally ranging from 9-15mm, depending on preference shorter and longer lengths are also available. The length of lash you choose has a huge impact on the mapping style of your set. As a general rule an eyelash extension should only ever be 1/3 to 1/2 the length longer than the natural eyelash you are applying it to.

I hope you have found this article useful, we would love to hear your thoughts on premade fans in the comments section! Happy lashing! Make Your Choice, Go Fan Yourself - Premade Fans XL Tray.