How to make the Perfect Volume Lash Fan

Lashes are one of the most attractive parts of our beauty. They can make your eyes bigger and give you a glam look. 

In this article, you’ll be knowing a lot of information regarding volume fan lashes, their perfection and much more about this topic.

What are volume fan lashes?

Basically, volumizing lashes and making a perfect fan is a type of art in which we pick different lightweight lashes extensions to make the perfect fan. 

Similar to the Normal fan lashes the perfect fan lashes are also a type of fans that technicians make with the enough perfection for each single client separately.

Once you make your desired fan now you are allowed to put this fan onto any natural or artificial lash to make an eye more gorgeous.

These fans can be any type like Short/long or dense/light.

How to make the Perfect Volume Lash Fan?

Nothing is more satisfying for you when your client says oh wow what a perfect volume lash fan that you have made today!

Let me tell you, In making fewer fans experience and age do not matter but all matters are the way you do your work.

If you are highly dedicated and know how to make the perfect volume lash fan then a bit of concentration and experience can make you the best in this business. It means a lot of admiration and satisfaction is on your way if you are passionate about making perfect lash volume fans.

Without making you bored let’s have a quick look that what actually you need to make perfect volume lash fans.

Requirements for a perfect volume lash fan?

As part of making perfect volume lash fan, there could be some genuine points that have to be followed by an applier.

  1. Equal space is one of the most requiring steps; all you’ll need is to keep a fine space ratio of ⅓ between the base of the fan and body. Similarly, a 2:3mm area would be required for glue; make sure the glue space should be symmetrical anyhow.
  2. For significant perfection exact right proportion is needed through you get your desired fan lash.
  3. For better lashes and even fans, your mood should be calm and the atmosphere should be normal to cool. I often experience in hot weather fan lashes could not get a fine texture and look. Similarly, if you want to have last long and accurate volume of fan lashes then the glue application should be in the right amount also.
  4. For a pleasant look and perfect volume, the size and color of fans should be the same otherwise you’ll get imperfect lashes. Indeed perfectly designed fans enhance your lashes so, make your lashes neat overall.

Different methods of making perfect volume Lash Fans

As per our research and experience, there are some useful ways to make near to perfect fan lashes. If you are seeking then read the below methods alertly.

Off tape method

The off-tape method is good for those who are just beginning their career in this extension field. Simply it allows the technician to use both the same or different tape for individual volume lashes.

The important thing is to pick up volume lash and make it sperate from the rest lash stick on the tape and design a desiring fan as per the client’s choice.

Once it is done now you may grab the lash from the center and pull it up to you to lift it aside.

Lean and Pick Method

This is a common and easy method to make a volume lash fan. In which all you need to pick up a fan near to the base. This time you have to be sure that your picked one is not come accrossing over.

After picking the fan place it slightly on the strip and lean it over. After leaning the lashes should be open anyhow. For me, it is easier and not much time taking than other methods.

The leaning and picking method is a manipulating way for each individual lash due to the easiest opening of fans. Everyone can simply go with this method in order to make their selves familiarize with making little perfect lashes fan.

Pinching Method

Pinching up/down is the most common way in making fans. For this method simply you have to take lash from the strip firstly; now gently hold it in your thumb and forefinger (tweezers can also be helpful for this grip, please use it if you're not sure with your gentle grip.)

Make yourself alert by not rolling the base no worries accidentally or knowingly. Slowly continue this pinching process with your fingers/tweezer and try to make a wriggle-opened fan. Once you done dip the entire fan in the glue and apply.

Where to apply these methods first?

For me, it was not easy to apply my dedication to someone's lashes so I have found a smart way to continue my practice. Don’t you want to know what secret is that? If yes then come below!

Makeup Sponge

Yeah! You heard right. The make-up sponge was my favorite starting helper in practicing perfect fan lashes.

It is easy to attach lashes on sponge instead of human lashes; especially when you are about to learn. It is really a most easier way to pinch and attach lashes without any worry of having the amount of glue.

I know a makeup sponge doesn’t not similar to the human eye exactly but it will give you a soothing experience in making the shape. Once you learn about pinching, picking, putting glue, and attaching lashes finely on a sponge then I am very sure you’ll not take much time this process for the human eye. 

Mannequin Head

If you are not satisfied with the makeup sponge and able to buy a mannequin head then this would be a better option for you.

Practicing lashes with a mannequin head is the most useful technique to get even experience. For this technique, you have to take a mannequin head on the table and do the same process that we have learned today.

At first, it might be difficult but surely you’ll soon overcome this. In studios technicians often use this method in training because it gives the same feeling of the client’s lashes.

How to satisfy a client for Volume Lash Fans?

Similar to the other cosmetics it is not important that voluminous fan lashes can suit everyone but according to the technicians these can be good only in some situations.

For making you more glad here we have conducted some of the most determined questions that should be asked by a client for having more assurance.

Tip: no matter whether you are a client or a technician. Try to keep a before and after selfie that will significantly tell you about your work is it good or ugly!

Questions for clients:

  • Ask your client the length and fullness he/she wants?
  • Ask your client that is he/she desiring to have glamorous look or just want to enhance current lashes?
  • Ask your client his/her lashes care routine. Are they go for only curler and mascara or do they are preferring strip lashes with mascaras only?
  • Also, ask your client about the fan density because some ladies want light lashes with the perfect volume. In this situation, it would be good to use lightweight lashes such as mink lashes.

In the end, the choice is all yours. Like those who want lengthy and curvy lashes must go with classic lashes.

However, those who are familiar with lashes strips should go with volume lashes further it is all in your hand that you can give an appropriate volume to your client or not?

Don’t forget that your recommendations would be a great idea to choose the right way for your client.

How many lashes are in a volume fan?

Well, this often depends on the size and the requirement of the client. Normally technicians would like to prefer about 2 to 10 lashes in each fan.

Make sure the lashes you use must come with a small diameter and the same length otherwise your fans may reduce the balance and Beauty.

What to choose classic or volume?

As we all know that classic lashes come with a ratio of 1.1. It signifies that the number of your natural lashes should meet the number of extensions you are going to apply.

Those who have naturally thick and healthy lashes then classic lashes will meet their eye’s Beauty. Rather than those Who have a few lashes then voluminous would be good to prefer. 

Classic lashes seem to have a lot of mascara on to whether volume fan lashes will not require any extra mascara all the time.

Comparing both lashes individual/classic lashes are quite thicker than volume lashes and by overall texture both give different look. Classic lashes are often used in a particular diameter of .12mm to .20mm but volume lashes need different eye measurements for every time.

Is it true that increasing weight can your Normal lashes? 

Well, the quick answer to this question is yes! It directly affects.

The criteria can differ each time. For suppose if a person with a plethora of natural lashes with short length may have a desiring look with classic lashes only but the weight of classic lashes can be heavier means direct effect.

Practice is the mother of perfection

This information can be a waste if you don’t have time or you’re not taking your passion seriously. Although we have conducted entire process in words here and hoping everyone will follow the given guidelines.

Keep Lashing!